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We develop mobile solutions that stand up to the most challenging technical requirements. Our team of architects and software engineers will guide you through the mobile application development lifecycle to define a mobile strategy, design a flawless user experience, develop the right solution, automate testing, and continuously deliver new features across phones, tablets, wearables, and more.

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Case Study:
iOS Solution for real-time operations

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To maintain its position as a world-class provider of energy and telecommunications solutions, NISC recognized a need to upgrade its customer-facing, mission-critical application suite, the iVUE® AppSuite.

Without these critical upgrades, the application suite risked gradual obsolescence, as modern iOS standards surpassed its core functionality. Delaying the upgrades would necessitate extensive refactoring of the codebase, resulting in costly delays to NISC’s release schedule.

We helped lead the upgrade project and supported NISC in transforming its iVUE AppSuite into an award-winning application.