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DevOps Readiness Workshop

Exceed your productivity goals, accelerate your speed to market, and improve the quality and performance of your applications with this hands-on workshop.

The DevOps Readiness workshop is an instructor-led experience that aligns your team around a common vision and creates an actionable plan on how achieve it. 

We'll help you benchmark your DevOps maturity level against your peers, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customized, actionable plan to mature your DevOps capabilities. 

Topics Covered:
  • Applying DevOps to your team
  • Improving deployment frequency
  • Accelerating speed to market 
  • Reducing failure rates of new releases 
  • Shortening lead time between patches
Top priorities for technologists

The Digital Innovation Benchmark Report

Modern technology leaders face mounting pressure to achieve increasingly aggressive goals under increasingly shortened timelines. Yet despite the deluge of available tools to help drive digital innovation, a number of common barriers still exist. 

Download the Digital Innovation Benchmark Report and learn:

  • The most common roadblocks to digital innovation and strategies for overcoming those roadblocks
  • The top 3 outcomes that technologists are looking to achieve through investments in digital innovation
  • How modern technology leaders are accelerating digital innovation within their organizations