Groovy Beginner to Advanced

This 2-day, comprehensive course covers a lot of material and takes JVM developers from beginner to advanced with the Groovy language by way of comprehensive lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises.  Developers will leave the experience with all of the skills needed to effectively use the Groovy programming language to build many kinds of JVM applications.


Developers will gain the skills needed to effectively build many kinds of JVM applications with Groovy.


  • Introduction To Groovy
  • Getting Started
  • Language Fundamentals
  • Collections
  • Closures
  • Groovy utility classes
  • Introduction to Gradle
  • Testing
  • Metaprogramming


Students should be familiar with general programming concepts.  No in-depth knowledge of Groovy or Java is required ahead of time.


2 days (12 hours)

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