The Grails framework is a high-productivity, Groovy-based toolkit for building a wide variety of application types for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Our Groovy and Grails curriculum provides both beginners and advanced students hands-on experience developing and optimizing applications using these powerful technologies.

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Groovy & Grails® Course Catalog

Training engagements are customized to meet your organization's unique needs. Courses can be adapted, expanded, combined, and tailored to cover the specific skills your team requires to achieve your goals.

The Complete Groovy & Grails Experience

This 5-day, intensive, hands-on workshop presents the fundamentals of the Apache Groovy language and provides comprehensive Grails 3 and 4 coverage, beginner through advanced.


Groovy and Grails Boot Camp

This 4-day intensive workshop presents Grails 3 and 4 in depth. The experience is designed to quickly get developers maximizing their productivity with the framework.


Grails Deep Dive

This training workshop for Java developers provides the knowledge and skills to maximize productivity when building web apps with the Grails framework.


GORM Deep Dive

GORM Deep Dive begins with an intro to GORM and covers many advanced techniques like effective use of “where” queries, projections, query composition, & more.


Introduction to the Grails Framework for Spring Developers

This course focuses on the boot-powered features of the Grails framework. Learn how the Grails and Spring frameworks play nicely together and build an application in real time.


Introduction to REST Services with Grails

This workshop prepares developers to use Grails features to simplify the task of publishing REST APIs when building single-page applications (SPAs), microservice architectures, and more.


Grails Testing Deep Dive

Level up your Grails programming skills and improve your testing processes in this half-day workshop.


Introduction to Grails Security

This 6-hour hands-on workshop covers Grails framework plugins that help developers build robust security functionality into their apps.


Advanced Development with Grails

This 3-day hands-on workshop equips developers with the advanced knowledge and skills to take full advantage of the Grails framework and tackle real issues in enterprise-scale applications.


Grails and React

Whether your team has an existing Grails app that needs a new UI or you're designing a brand new microservice architecture with these frameworks, this 6-hour workshop will prepare you to seamlessly integrate the React JavaScript library into your Grails applications.


Better APIs with GORM and GraphQL

This 3-hour workshop takes a dive deep into a GORM extension and Grails plugin that combine GORM and GraphQL to increase developer productivity.


Modern Grails Development in 2 Days

This 2-day, hands-on course covers powerful Grails framework features that help developers build flexible applications while decreasing code complexity.


Acceptance Tests with Geb

Learn to integrate the testing capabilities of Geb into the development cycle of your web applications in this half-day, online course.


Testing JVM Applications with Spock

Learn to integrate the testing capabilities of Spock into the development cycle of your JVM applications in this half-day online course.


Groovy Beginner to Advanced

Go from beginner to advanced with the Apache Groovy programming language in two days. Learn to use Groovy to build JVM applications in this comprehensive course.


Groovy Metaprogramming

Groovy Metaprogramming covers beginner and advanced metaprogramming with an emphasis on the techniques of particular interest to Grails developers.


Data Science with Apache Groovy

Discover why Apache Groovy is an ideal programming language for building data science solutions and learn how to streamline your process using common JDK libraries and build powerful applications that yield valuable insights.


Using Micronaut Features in a Grails Application

In this 6-hour training workshop, Grails developers learn how to take advantage of the Grails framework's built-in Micronaut features to enhance their productivity and application performance.


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Our course catalog features multiple tracks encompassing common programming languages, multiple modeling and development methodologies, and today's emerging technologies.

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Customized Curriculum

Training engagements are customized to meet your organization's unique needs. Courses in our catalog can be adapted, expanded, combined, and tailored to cover the specific skills your team requires to achieve your goals.

Convenient Delivery Options

All courses can be conducted at your location, in our state-of-the-art, Midwest training lab, or online. Regardless of delivery location, all training is delivered live by practicing engineers, allowing students to ask questions and engage with instructors in real time.

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