Building DApps on EOS: A Hands-On Workshop

Learn first-hand how to build distributed applications on EOSIO – the new game-changing, highly performant platform for building blockchain applications. 

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Workshop Overview

This advanced blockchain workshop is delivered by one of the lead contributors to the EOSIO blockchain platform and covers fundamentals that enable developers (including non-C++ developers) to quickly get comfortable with EOSIO distributed app (DApp) development.

Enroll in this course to:

  • Understand the high-level fundamental components of an EOSIO DApp
  • Learn the flow of transactions and actions (messages and events) in EOSIO
  • Observe the development and deployment of a DApp on EOSIO
  • Discover the various libraries available to a DApp developer

Intended Audience

This is an advanced workshop for developers, technical leads, and architects who want to enhance their programming skills with EOSIO proficiency. 


The following topics are covered in this course.

  • Where we are today in EOSIO DApp development capabilities
  • Overview of EOSIO libraries
  • Overview of storage capabilities
  • Overview of inline actions
  • Walkthrough development of a simple EOSIO DApp
  • Store/retrieve/update data in table
  • Create an inline transaction


This is an advanced workshop. Participants should have programming experience, preferably in C/C++, although any high-level, structured language experience is sufficient. We also recommend that students have at least an intermediate understanding of blockchain technology.

Duration and Format

Duration: 2 days (6 hours)

Location: This workshop can be conducted at your location, online, or in our Midwest training lab (12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive; St. Louis, MO. 63141).

Group pricing available. Contact Jen Wiese at (314) 579-0066 ext. 203 for details.

Meet the Instructor

Kevin Heifner, OCI Principal Software Engineer

Kevin Heifner

OCI Principal Software Engineer

Kevin Heifner is a Principal Software Engineer at OCI and a core contributor to the EOSIO project, a game-changing, open source blockchain engine with significant performance and scalability benefits. Heifner is highly accomplished in the field of distributed computing and has developed sophisticated technical solutions for clients in aerospace, defense, energy, and utilities.

Kevin Heifner on GitHub

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