Grails 3 and React

This workshop will introduce you to several approaches to using the React JavaScript library with your Grails 3 projects. Whether your team has an existing Grails app that needs a new UI, or you are designing a brand new microservice architecture with these frameworks, you will gain a strong understanding of the front-end landscape and how it intersects with your Grails 3 applications. While we will focus on React in this course, many of the techniques are applicable to other modern JavaScript frameworks as well. 

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  • Introduction to React
  • Approaches to Front-end Frameworks
  • Building Single Page Applications with Grails 3


6 hours total; delivered as 2 (3-hour) sessions

USD $50.00 per student




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  • Introduction to React
  • Grails Profiles
  • Webpack/Node/npm/yarn
  • Asset Pipeline
  • Spring Security REST
  • Bonus: Server-side Rendering
  • Bonus: GORM/GraphQL


  • At least minimal React experience recommended
  • At least moderate Grails 3 experience recommended (all samples will use Grails 3)

NOTE: Refer to for some excellent tutorials if you need to brush up on either of these!