Groovy Metaprogramming

Join Paul King, OCI's Groovy Project Lead, as he discusses Groovy's powerful and flexible metaprogramming capabilities. This deep dive into Groovy’s metaprogramming will cover beginner and advanced metaprogramming with an emphasis on the techniques of particular interest to Grails developers. 

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The course will cover, in-depth, how Groovy’s dynamic dispatch mechanism works and how application and plugin code can participate with that dispatch mechanism to provide more simple application code. This course will also cover techniques which may be applied at compile time to enhance classes, including AST Transformations, automatically enhancing Grails artifacts with traits and more.

Groovy Metaprogramming is delivered by OCI Groovy Project Lead, Paul King.


1 day, 6 hours 


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  • Introduction to Metaprogramming
  • Runtime Metaprogramming vs. Compile-Time Metaprogramming
  • ExpandoMetaClass
  • Runtime Extension Methods
  • AST Transformations
  • AST Macros
  • Traits
  • Enhancing Grails Artefacts
  • Debugging


We recommend students be familiar with the Groovy programming language to get the most out of this course. In-depth knowledge of Groovy is not required.

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