GORM Deep Dive

GORM Deep Dive begins with an introduction to GORM and its basic usage and configuration. From there the course covers many advanced techniques like effective use of “where” queries, projections, query composition, detached criteria, and query optimization.

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This course includes coverage of the latest capabilities of GORM, including improved support for connecting to multiple data stores, multi-tenancy, and using GORM with non-relational data stores (such as Neo4J, MongoDB, etc.). This course also covers examples of using GORM outside of a Grails application.

GORM Deep Dive is a live, instructor-led training experience, delivered by Co-founder of the Grails framework, Jeff Brown.


Duration & Cost

6 hours in total; delivered as 2 (3-hour) sessions

$50 per student


Students should be familiar with the Grails framework. In-depth knowledge of Grails is not required.


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Email us or call 314-579-0066 to customize an offering that fits your unique situation. We can deliver instructor-led training at your site, our education center, or virtually — whenever and wherever!


  • Introduction to GORM
  • Advanced Query Techniques
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • GORM with Non-relational Data Stores
  • Data Services
  • Using GORM Outside of Grails


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