Introduction to REST Services with Grails 3

Introduction to REST Services with Grails 3 is a live, instructor-led training experience.

REST is an important part of modern web applications. Single page application (SPA) frameworks, such as AngularJS and React, require a REST backend, for which Grails is a perfect fit. Microservice architectures rely on components communicating with each other through REST APIs. Grails 3 offers many features specifically related to simplifying the task of publishing REST APIs.

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This course provides participants a thorough understanding of the following topics through lectures, real-world examples, and hands-on practice:

  • Grails' support for building REST APIs
  • Publishing APIs
  • Versioning APIs
  • Customizing response content
  • Grails and REST security
  • Interacting with a database from a REST API


To get the most out of this course, students should at least be familiar with the Grails framework and have a basic understanding of REST at a high-level. No particular expertise with Groovy, Grails, or REST is required.


The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Quick Introduction to REST
  • GORM and REST
  • Grails Views
    • JSON Views
    • Markup Views
  • Versioning APIs
  • Microservices
  • Spring Security for REST

Duration and Format

6 hours, delivered as 2 (3-hour) sessions

This course can be delivered online, at your location, or in our Midwest training lab (12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive; St. Louis, MO. 63141).

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