Groovy and Grails Boot Camp

This four-day, intensive workshop presents Grails 3 in depth. The experience is designed to quickly get developers maximizing their productivity with the framework, enabling them to build a wide variety of application types including, but not limited to, traditional web apps, RESTful applications and JavaScript enabled Single Page Applications.

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By the end of the training students will have a sophisticated understanding of all of the following:

  • The Grails development tools
  • Building web applications
  • Leverage the power and flexibility of GORM
  • Building RESTful applications
  • Modularizing applications with plugins
  • Understanding how and when to take advantage of static type checking

A basic understanding of the Java Virtual Machine and a very high-level understanding of how web applications work in general. No particular expertise with Groovy or Grails is required.

This course is well-suited for developers interested in building JVM web applications including traditional browser-based web applications, RESTful applications and JavaScript enabled Single Page Applications.


4-days (24 hours) 
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OCI Education Center
12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive
St. Louis, MO. 63141



Contact us to customize an offering that fits your budget and specific requirements. We can deliver instructor-led training at your site, our education center, or virtually — whenever and wherever!


  • Programming with Groovy (1 day)
  • Grails Introduction And Installation
  • Controllers
  • Introduction To GSP
  • Controllers (Cont’d)
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Dependency Injection
  • GORM
  • GSP
  • Services
  • Application Profiles
  • Web Services
  • Static Type Checking
  • Plugins

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