Web Development with Grails 3

This three-day, online workshop presents Grails 3 in depth. The intensive experience is designed to quickly get developers maximizing their productivity with the framework, enabling them to build a wide variety of application types, including but not limited to traditional web apps, RESTful applications, and JavaScript enabled Single Page Applications.

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• The Grails Development Tools

• Building Web Applications

• Leverage the Power and Flexibility of GORM

• Building RESTful applications

• Modularizing Applications with Plugins

• Understanding How and When to Take Advantage of Static Type Checking


3 days (18 hours)

USD $1,500 per student

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• Brief Introduction to Groovy

• Grails Introduction and Installation

• Controllers

• Introduction to GSP

• Controllers (Cont'd)

• Application Lifecycle

• Dependency Injection



• Services

• Application Profiles

• Web Services

• Static Type Checking

• Plugins


A basic understanding of the Java Virtual Machine and a very high-level understanding of how web applications work in general.

No particular expertise with Groovy or Grails is required.

This course is well-suited for developers interested in building JVM web applications, including traditional browser-based web applications, RESTful applications, and JavaScript-enabled Single Page Applications.