Advanced CORBA Programming with TAO (for Real-Time)

In this intensive, hands-on, course, you will learn: several advanced CORBA concepts and techniques and how they are supported by TAO; how to configure TAO components for performance and space optimizations; and how to use TAO’s various concurrency models to meet your application’s end-to-end QoS guarantees. The course covers recent additions to the CORBA specifications and to TAO to support real-time CORBA  programming, including Real-Time CORBA. It also covers TAO’s Real-Time Event Service, Notification Service, and Implementation Repository, and provides extensive hands-on practice in developing advanced TAO clients and servers in C++. This course is intended for experienced and serious CORBA/C++ programmers.

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  • Extend and enhance CORBA/C++ application development skills and techniques
  • Use the Messaging and Real-Time CORBA features to take greater control of your CORBA application
  • Explore the internals of TAO and how its different configurations affect your application
  • Learn about the Notification and Real-Time Event Services


Non-trivial CORBA and C++ programming experience is required.



4-days (24 hours) 
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OCI Education Center
12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive
St. Louis, MO. 63141



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  • Configuring TAO Applications
  • Controlling Endpoints, Connections, and Protocols
  • Building Multithreaded Applications with TAO
  • CORBA QoS Policies
  • Asynchronous Messaging
  • Portable Interceptors
  • Real-Time CORBA
  • Using TAO’s Real-Time Event Service
  • Notification Service
  • TAO’s Implementation Repository

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