Using the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment C++ Framework

In this hands-on course, you will learn how to implement Interprocess Communication (IPC) mechanisms using the ACE (ADAPTIVE Communication Environment) IPC Service Access Point (SAP) classes and the Acceptor/Connector pattern. The course will also show you how to use a Reactor in event demultiplexing and dispatching; how to  implement thread-safe applications using the ACE thread encapsulation class categories; and how to identify appropriate ACE components to use for your specific application needs.

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  • Implement IPC mechanisms using the IPC SAP classes and the Acceptor/Connector pattern
  • Utilize a Reactor in event demultiplexing and dispatching
  • Implement thread-safe applications using the thread encapsulation class categories
  • Identify appropriate ACE components


Familiarity with the C++ language (including templates), software development in a Unix or NT environment, and knowledge of the client-server architecture and network programming concepts.



4-days (24 hours) 
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OCI Education Center
12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive
St. Louis, MO. 63141



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  • ACE Architecture and Components
  • How to access Operating System services
  • Overview of network programming interfaces
  • Network programming using TCP and UDP classes in ACE
  • Acceptor and Connector patterns
  • Event demultiplexing with the Reactor
  • Implementing event handlers for I/O, timers, and signals
  • Thread management and synchronization
  • Shared memory allocators and specialized local memory allocators
  • Dynamic configuration with the Service Configurator
  • Message Queues and Stream processing
  • Logging and Debugging

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