Project Management for the Experienced PM

Over time, experienced project managers need higher-order tools and abilities that will enable them to deal with larger mission-critical projects and/or to navigate and manage the challenges of more complex projects.  Projects with the biggest potential for bottom-line impact usually have the biggest barriers to success.  These projects also have the strongest need to validate achievement of the expected ROI.  

In this seminar, we will explore three dimensions that contribute to successful outcomes:  clearly defining success from the onset and building a plan that enables progress measurement, effectively managing the challenges that come with complex projects, and dealing with failures points and problems that threaten to derail the project.

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  • Fine-tune project plan to ensure clear definition of expected and measurable project outcomes
  • Adjust project execution to keep projects on track as the environment changes
  • Establish methods and metrics to assure quality results
  • Apply quality and process management tools to improve project performance
  • Quantify and respond to emerging risks
  • Navigate the people side of projects involving cross-functional change


This seminar is not recommended for novice project managers.  The recommended pre-requisite is completion of a project management certificate program and/or two years of practical experience in project management.

  • Experienced Project Manager
  • Member of a Project Management Office 
  • Team member who regularly works on large projects
  • Business Analyst
  • Leader of a team that must implement a strategic initiative or process improvement  
  • Establish framework for project success
  • Measure and manage progress
  • Use Quality Tools to Enhance Performance
  • Project Closure and Success Validation

Duration & Format

2 days (12 hours)

This workshop can be conducted at your location or in our Midwest training lab (12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive; St. Louis, MO. 63141).

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