This track is designed to teach programming to participants without any previous programming experience.  It starts with the basics of instructing a computer to do simple tasks using simple data types, then explains the object-oriented (OO) method of programming.  OO is the most used style of programming and the techniques learned here are applicable to many other popular languages.  

No offerings in this track are currently scheduled.

Introduction to Programming with Python

This introductory course covers the fundamental skills and techniques you need to start programming computers. You'll receive instruction in basic computer programming concepts and hands-on experience writing your own programs using the Python scripting language, a powerful, high-level, general-purpose language that's particularly easy to learn and use.


Object-Oriented Python

This course builds upon the fundamentals covered in Introduction to Programming with Python and prepares you to build more robust, extensible applications using object-oriented programming concepts.


GUI Programming using wxPython

This course provides comprehensive coverage of the wx (also known as wxPython) toolkit for developing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) using the Python programming language. In the lab sessions, students work through hands-on exercises and develop working programs to reinforce the topics covered in the lectures. By the end of the workshop, students will be able to develop Python applications with graphical user interfaces.