Testing is a critical role in software development that requires special skills and knowledge that are not commonly taught to software developers, business analysts and project managers. This often results in insufficient time and resources being allocated for this important function, and quality suffers—as do the users of the software. Equally important is the need to measure quality quickly and efficiently because limitations in resources and schedules are realities that aren’t going away.  The courses in this track lay a solid foundation for efficient software testing across all aspects of the SDLC.

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Test-Driven Development in Java

Testing is a vital component of software development because it has a proportional relationship to code quality – the more complete the testing suite the better the quality of the application code. Test-driven development (TDD) practices, especially when supported by an automated continuous build and test environment, can drastically improve test coverage and enable incremental, iterative development. This course will introduce participants to TDD concepts, principles, and practices, including many different aspects of testing, the application of testing across various software settings, and open source tools that are available for developing and executing TDD practices in a Java development environment.

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Fundamentals of Software Testing

This course presents an architecture that defines a process to implement a structured testing environment for all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It conveys the four techniques of structured testing, and the application of those techniques during the phases of the SDLC. Using risk assessment as a guide for structured testing is emphasized and a risk matrix is presented. The main focus is on the creation of functional and structural test plans, test scripts, and test cases, including the use of break-it testing, complexity testing, and basis path testing. The organization of a testing team and the testing environment is also discussed. Hands-on workshops in a JAD format are used to reinforce concepts.

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