Lean User Experience (Lean UX)

Discover how to implement a lean UX approach to product design in your organization, and empower your team with the skills to iterate purposefully and exceed user expectations with digital solutions that delight.


Lean UX is an iterative approach to product design and development that emphasizes user experience, providing a means to build better digital products.

Teams that embrace a lean UX process more effectively understand and communicate their users' needs, utilize resource more effectively, and deliver solutions built upon a proven foundation.

This workshop explores the advantages of adopting a lean UX approach and provides hands-on practice developing skills that will foster an energized, collaborative environment throughout your organization.


4 hours


This workshop is ideal for team members in the following roles.

  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Software developers
  • Anyone in your organization who participates in digital product development

What to Expect

Learn to:

  • Identify your constraints, business goals, and potential paths to success
  • Evaluate assumptions about your users and their needs
  • Translate these assumptions into testable hypotheses
  • Create experiments to test your hypotheses
  • Observe how MVPs (minimally viable products) and experiments work together
  • Put it all together in an agile rhythm

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