JavaScript Web Applications using Node.js and Express

This workshop provides attendees hands-on experience building a JavaScript-based web application. Attendees will gain experience using Node.js and Express to implement REST services and serve files for a web app. This includes interacting with relational databases.

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Mar 23 Day Volkmann

Online: Times listed are US Central Daylight

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Dates & Times

Fri, Mar 23, 9:00am to 12:00pm


Online: Times listed are US Central Daylight


Mark Volkmann

  • Understand the characteristics and benefits of Node.js
  • Learn how to utilize npm to install and manage dependencies
  • Learn how to implement REST services with Node.js and Express
  • Learn how to interact with relational databases from Node.js
  • Learn about selected JavaScript features added in ES2015 and beyond
  • Learn about tools commonly used in modern JavaScript development



March 23, 2018
3 hours (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)

USD $50 per student

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  • Node.js overview

  • npm overview

  • Express for serving files and implementing REST services

  • Tools and libraries used with Express

  • Relational databases and basic SQL

  • Modern JavaScript features, including const/let, arrow functions, destructuring, promises, and async/await

  • Modern JavaScript tools, including ESLint, Prettier, Jest, and Enzyme

Intended Audience

JavaScript developers who want to build web applications that utilize JavaScript on both the client- and the server-side.

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