The Web Content Design curriculum prepares students to build modern, effective, well-designed, and responsive websites. Courses build upon each other and may be taken in order to help students progress from beginner to advanced proficiency.

No offerings in this track are currently scheduled.


This beginner course consists of a comprehensive overview of HTML and an introduction to CSS for professionals who are interested in learning how to create websites and web pages using these two indispensable tools.


advanced CSS

This advanced CSS course is designed to help web designers and developers expand their awareness of the extensive capabilities of CSS and learn to use it to create more dynamic websites.


responsive web design with bootstrap

In this intermediate course, you'll take your web design and development skills a step further and learn to use Bootstrap to adapt your websites to render optimally on all screen sizes.


Mastering effective website design

In this final Web Content Design course, students transition from mastering the tools necessary to code web pages to exploring how to use those skills to build useful, effective, and attractive websites. 


Comprehensive Web Design

This intensive 5-day course consolidates the lessons covered in "Exploring HTML5 and CSS," "Advanced CSS," and "Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap" into a single, 5-day comprehensive experience through which you'll learn everything you need to master responsive web design and development. The course begins with a broad overview of HTML, takes a deep dive into CSS, and concludes with hands-on training in Bootstrap, the most widely-used responsive framework.