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Improving Agricultural Carbon Intensity Measurement

Farmers in the industry want a more straightforward way to measure, showcase, and gain insight into current and historical carbon footprint changes at their fields. Object Computing’s team set about improving the precision, usability, and accuracy of the GREET model.

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Scalable, Reliable, and Cost-effective Solution for Complex Naval Air System

When the Naval Air Systems Command needed a reliable communications system that could scale to accommodate several hundred participants, OpenDDS middleware and Object Computing’s engineering team delivered.



The right combination of machine learning, analytics, and cloud-powered automation results in enhanced efficiency, heightened security, cost savings, and speed.

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IoT Meets HVAC

In commercial and industrial environments, HVAC units must never fail. This IoT solution enables real-time diagnostics, maintenance, and repair.

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Keeping Pace With The Autonomous Future

As a key element of specialized defense systems, today's advanced technology helps ensure a tactical advantage for our nation's armed forces.


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Smart, Secure, and Connected Factories

NXP Semiconductors accelerates their digital transformation through a modernization effort that optimizes equipment performance and increases factory capacity.


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Smart Technology on the Rails

As safety standards continue to evolve, one major railroad saw an opportunity to automate root cause analysis using machine learning at scale.


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Plotlogic Reimagines Precision Mining With OpenDDS

Plotlogic delivers highly accurate ore characteristics in real time, enabling greater recovery, reducing waste, and enhancing the geological model.

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More Case Studies

Enhancing Aeronautics Through Leading-Edge Technical Engineering

Major aerospace and defense contractor continues its legacy of excellence through innovative upgrades to sophisticated simulation software. 

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Engineering a Healthier Future

bioMérieux, a global leader in in vitro diagnostics, combines its knowledge of medicine with emerging techniques and new technologies to combat infectious diseases worldwide.

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Responding to Unexpected Disruption with Agility and Speed

Event-management software company nimbly expands offerings and finds a new audience in response to global pandemic. 

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Rugged and Reliable IoT Device Integration

U.S. Army maintains tactical advantage with state-of-the-art IoT edge solution that supports secure, real-time communications between combat vehicle systems in the field

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Blockchain Solution Improves Ease of Sharing Cryptocurrency Identity

The FIO Protocol provides crypto wallet users the same sort of rationality and ease of use that dot com domains brought to the Internet.

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Rio Tinto's Cloud Transformation Success

The third-largest mining company in the world leverages AWS cloud services to introduce new capabilities while swiftly responding to market opportunities and emerging competitive threats.

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Scaling Innovation Around the Globe

Open source web application framework accelerates global expansion for e-commerce ticketing merchant.

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Relieving Technical Debt and Powering the Future

Leading energy and telecommunications support company transforms its customer-facing application suite from pending obsolescence to award-winning user favorite.

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Upgrade to Microservices Completed in 4 Weeks

Open source Micronaut framework enables manufacturing giant to upgrade legacy system to microservice architecture in only 4 weeks

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Integrating OpenDDS Middleware Into Next-Generation Surveillance and Battlefield Reconnaissance Equipment

OpenDDS middleware enables leading provider of defense technologies to accelerate development processes and deliver powerful, cost-effective solutions to clients worldwide.

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