Aerospace & Defense

Since our earliest days, we have supported the prime and sub contractor community, helping clients build, maintain, and support solutions that are more scalable, reusable, interoperable, and affordable.

We leverage our deep domain experience and expertise to deliver products and systems that are open and interoperable (use global standards), scalable (handle surges in demand), predictable, i.e. able to meet stringent QoS metrics (use deterministic design patterns), and secure (use highest appropriate levels of encryption). 

Our team of seasoned engineers and SMEs is available to our clients up to 24/7, to ensure predictable and robust systems operation hour-by-hour, when human lives may be at stake.

We work with clients to deliver and support standards-based, real-time, mission-critical systems that meet the most stringent requirements for safety and/or security certification, and that operate under even the most adverse conditions.