Financial Services

For the past 25 years, we have worked alongside leading stock exchanges and trading desks around the globe to design, build, and support systems and applications that are standards-based, high-performance and secure, and that fully protect our client’s proprietary software and other intellectual property. 

We work with Financial clients to build, maintain, and support solutions that are more scalable, reusable, interoperable, and affordable. We can help you in the following areas:
  • Employ standard protocols for financial information exchange and efficient financial data streaming, including FIX and FAST
  • Integrate your trading applications with either open or proprietary exchange protocols
  • Connect and certify your trading systems with various exchanges
  • Design and develop a complete OMS:
    • Plug-in architecture to separate proprietary trading strategies from underlying connectivity and messaging infrastructure
    • Allows you to protect your intellectual property
  • Create a mock exchange for backtesting, tuning, and validating your trading strategies
  • Analyze and tune end-to-end performance of your proprietary trading systems
  • Integrate your platform with 3rd party systems and data sources
  • Implement custom market analytics and visualization tools