New JavaScript Library Simplifies Language Translation in Web Apps

September 2018 SETT Article: Building Multilingual Web Apps with web-translate by Mark Volkmann

When OCI Partner and Principal Software Engineer, Mark Volkmann, found it difficult to add language translation functionality to his web applications, he did what any overachieving developer would do ... he solved the problem!

Meet web-translate, an open source JavaScript library that makes translating English to another language in your web applications easy!

Mark's goals when designing web-translate were to develop a library that would do the following:

  • Determine required translations by parsing source files for calls to a certain function
  • Determine additional required translations by parsing a JSON file containing English translations
  • Support selection between the two most popular translation services, Google Cloud Translate API and Yandex Translate Service
  • Support build-time translation to avoid incurring run-time translation costs during each user session
  • Support easy generation of translations for new languages to be supported
  • Allow generated translations to be overridden by manually creating language-specific JSON files that describe the desired translations
  • Support run-time translations for the rare cases where dynamically generated text must be translated

If you've been looking for an effective language-translation tool that will help you reach a global audience, give web-translate a try. Mark provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it in this month's SETT article.

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