Web Development Tips

Web Development Tips

By Mark Volkmann, OCI Partner and Principal Software Engineer

August 2021

Whether you are fairly new to web development or you've been practicing for a while, it's always exciting to come across a shortcut or a tip for simplifying your code that you hadn't been aware of before. In this article, you'll find a variety of suggestions that will help you improve your craft and your productivity.

This collection of web development tips assumes that you already know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to some extent, but perhaps you've forgotten or never seen some of the tips shared here.

With numerous interactive examples and code blocks you can copy, paste, and experiment with, this article provides web developers a wealth of valuable tips to use in future projects.

This month's SETT article is published on Mark Volkmann's personal blog, a valuable resource featuring tutorials for web developers interested in taking their skills to the next level. 

Mark will continually refine and add web development tips to the blog post, so check back occasionally for new content. If you have ideas for additional tips that should be included or corrections to what is already there, please email Mark at mark@objectcomputing.com).

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