As a forward-thinking business leader, you understand the importance of harnessing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. AI isn't just the future; it's the present, and it's here to revolutionize the way your organization operates, competes, and thrives.

Smart organizations strive to turn AI from a buzzword into a secret weapon to solve complex challenges that businesses face daily. These include:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks 
  • Analysis of vast amounts of data quickly and accurately to uncover insights
  • Personalization for e-commerce, content, and marketing recommendations 
  • Fraud detection identifying suspicious patterns and anomalies
  • Predictive maintenance for equipment and machinery failures

Object Computing’s Data Insights practice is grounded in the practical application of data science, machine learning, and AI techniques to extract actionable knowledge from complex datasets. With our strong foundation in mathematical modeling and advanced analytics, we help organizations create a systematic approach for leveraging their data to support better decision-making and foster innovation.

Optimize Operations

Streamline processes, cut operational costs, and minimize errors with AI-driven automation and predictive analytics.

Boost Sales and Marketing

Identify hidden opportunities, fine-tune pricing strategies, and deliver laser-focused marketing campaigns to drive revenue growth.

Foster Innovation

Fuel product development by enhancing design, testing, and quality control to create the next generation of offerings.

Quick Start Workshops help design the future strategy or architecture based on your goals while promoting greater alignment within the organization.

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Meet the Alyce Accelerator 

We engage through a proprietary and proven Business Value Framework that focuses on exploding revenue or realizing efficiencies for your business. The Alyce® accelerator rapidly converts subtle data patterns into actionable and scalable insights. The Alyce accelerator was developed in Object Computing’s Innovation Lab to help companies rapidly scale insights that unlock transformative business value.

Data Cleansing
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Data Analysis
Machine Learning

Data Cleansing
& Transformation

Case STudies

Enterprise businesses across industries leverage the power of AI technologies to enhance logistical planning, optimize asset management, refine customer segmentation, bolster security measures, and more. 

Powerful Tech Solution Offers Precision and Ease for Measuring Agricultural Carbon Intensity

As ESG concerns move to the forefront for many enterprises, industries worldwide are responding, the agricultural industry in particular. 


Smart Technology on the Rails

As safety standards continue to evolve, one major railroad saw an opportunity to automate root cause analysis using machine learning at scale.


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Targeted Product Recommendations through the Power of AI

Mobile app uses image analytics and machine learning to diagnose crop disease and provide accurate treatment recommendations in real time.


Areas of Expertise

Data Strategy

Architecture Design

Data Engineering & Operations

Agile Data Science

Machine Learning

Operations Research

Geospatial Analytics

Risk Mitigation

Cybersecurity & Fraud Detection

Regulatory Compliance Guidance

INDUSTRY Expertise

Your transformation begins here

In today's rapidly evolving technology landscape, the opportunities are limitless. From driverless vehicles to defense, healthcare, energy, and beyond, our team stands ready to support your transformation through leading-edge technologies and accelerators.

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Consulting & Strategy

Outcome-focused, real-world practicality combined with courageous innovation

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Technology & Transformation

Expert engineering from project initiation to deployment and beyond

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Technical Leadership & Support

Empowerment to scale your solutions long after our engagement has ended