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Escape the Data Swamp

Digital Business Models

Personalized Product Recommenders

Instantaneous Logistics Optimization

Advanced Imagery / Video Analytics

Machine Learning on the Edge

Sensor Aggregation and Intelligence

Manufacturing Process Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

Prescriptive Advisors

Fraud Detection

Portfolio Optimization

Digital business transformation is at the heart of all we do

Decades of Experience | A Unique Perspective

Jason Bull, Ph.D., VP, Machine Learning Solutions

Jason Bull, Ph.D

VP of Machine Learning Solutions

Tonya Ehlmann, Director, Business Strategy

Tonya Ehlmann, MBA

Director of Business Strategy

Xiao Yang, Ph.D., Director, Machine Learning Solutions

Xiao Yang, Ph.D

Director of Machine Learning Solutions

  • Running global businesses at Fortune 500 companies, de-risking product deployments and unlocking $Billions
  • Commercializing the world’s first agriculture machine learning product recommender and improving product win rates
  • Inventing algorithms that predict commercial success and using those predictions to prescriptively optimize supply chains

We bring innovation from all we do to all you do

We value experience

It helps us see your business with new eyes

Object Computing Machine Learning Team Leadership

We came from many industries to accelerate yours

  • +200 employees
  • Global reach for 25 years
  • Leader in intelligent systems
  • Diverse business and technical leadership
  • +19 years average experience
  • 14-year average tenure at OCI
  • 30% advanced degrees (MS & Ph.D.)

Artificial Intelligence, Edge ML, and IoT (1 of 10 companies with Google Specialization)

Let's Re!magine Together

We meet you where you are

We offer a variety of package solutions and engagement models

Discovery Session

Complimentary, 1-hour exploration of the problem space to find mutual fit

Strategy Session

Complimentary, 2- or 3-hour exploration to define business targets and new value-creation opportunities

Smart Digital Workshops

Paid, multi-day collaboration sessions in which we link business outcomes to predictive assets and decompose business hypotheses in testable experiments

SaaS, platforms, and accelerators

Package solutions that are integrated with your existing systems
(under development for specific areas)

How we roll to create value for you

  • It's all about creating new business value... so we start with that end in mind
  • We reduce risk... we break up business outcomes into smaller, testable hypotheses
  • We act like owners... so we explore what is possible with you

We are unique in the way we engage

  • Technology agnostic is at our core
  • The team you meet is the team you get
  • We maximize the insight and skill you gain during our engagement 

Meet Some Members of the Our Team

Meet the Object Computing Machine Learning Team

Top 10 things we are known for:

  1. Filled with possibilities … creating and paving the way for others
  2. Do big things that change the world #DreamBig
  3. Not afraid – choose love over fear
  4. Always innovating #GoBold
  5. High bar, expect excellence, challenging others and ourselves to step up and lean in
  6. Transparent and direct in a great way ... a way that engages and creates ownership
  7. Always have a clear plan
  8. Results matter; metrics matter
  9. Appreciate and leverage what individuals uniquely bring to the table and push to reach beyond #BeYourBestYou
  10. Business value: Create it, know it, live it.

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