Local User Groups

We are committed to supporting local user groups. Throughout our region, our technologists are meeting up with colleagues, peers, and friends, to mingle and talk shop!

Does your group need a sponsor or host? Would you like your group to be listed here,
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Greater St. Louis User Groups

STL Web Design & Development

This group is for anyone in digital product development space for the web, from the design side (UI/UX/interaction design) to full stack development focused on Node/Javascript both server-side and client-side.  Regardless of your level of expertise, we invite you to come join us for interesting talks and presentations on both design and development at each meetup on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Share your knowledge and expertise, learn from others and help create a shared understanding of building amazing web products from both a design and development perspective.

 Third Thursday
Lean Kanban STL This chapter of the Limited WIP Society is a community of knowledge workers in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, who are interested in Lean thinking and Kanban practices. Of particular interest to this grouparethe Kanban method for software development, Lean, Agile, ContinuousDeliveryand Systems Thinking. Third Monday
Ruby Users Group If you have an interest in Ruby then this is the place to be. From beginners to experts, STL Ruby is open to all. They even have the occasional designer discussing how awesomephpis. All are welcome for a beer and some code talk. Fourth Monday
.NET Users Group A group open to the public of anyone interested inMicrosoft .NET technologies. Last Monday
STL Python
This group is for people interested in Python. Whether you're a seasoned dev or just someone curious about the language (significant white space? What?) come on and let's hack. First Tuesday
Interactive Developers of STL We're about: iOS development · Android development · web development · HTML5 · JavaScript applications · MonoTouch · C# · ColdFusion · Ruby On Rails · user experience Second Tuesday
Open Data STL This group is for champions, advocates, innovators, and practitioners of open data and open government in the Saint Louis region.  Last Tuesday
St. Louis Groovy & Grails Meetup
Please join us for a dialogue about developments in the Groovy and Grails ecosystem. We're about: Groovy · Grails · Gradle · Open Source · JVM technologies · Java · Web Development. We are an informal group, so anyone from novice to expert can have fun and participate. Come join and start the dialogue! We're about: open source · programming · Java · software development · Android development · Groovy · Grails · Gradle · web development.
First Wednesday
C/C++ Users Group This is a group for anyone using or just interested in the C/C++ programming language. All levels of expertiseiswelcome. Second Wednesday
St. Louis Perl Mongers The Perl programming language was designed for solving real-world problems.  The Perl Mongers is dedicated to helping Perl Programmers solve problems, become better programmers, and enjoy programming. We cover whatever topics people find interesting, recent talks have included Docker, high-volume parallel processing, and bioinformatics. Third Wednesday
St. Louis Java Users Group We're about: open source · programming · Java · software development · Android development · Groovy · Grails · web development. Second Thursday               
St. Louis Drupal Users Group STLDUG's monthly meetups aim to be a place where people from all backgrounds can come and learn more about various topics related to Drupal (Module Development,Themeing, Development Environments, etc), network with other Drupal professionals and hobbyists, and get support with various issues of their own. Third Thursday
Linux Users Group The STL Linux Users Group meets monthly to talk about GNU/Linux. Meetings are free and open to everyone. Third Thursday
Code Until Dawn Stay as long or as short as you'd like. This group is for anyone who wants to catch up on that nagging side project at a late night, caffeinated coding session with like-minded individuals. All skill levels and languages are welcome! Designers and entrepreneurs welcome too, come get some work done! Last Friday
St. Louis Machine Learning & Data Science We seek to build and connect the Machine Learning community in St. Louis. Our meetings revolve around Machine Learning, NLP, AI, statistics, big data, and any other topics that fit under the realm of Data Science. As scheduled
St. Louis R User Group The aim of this Group is to create an interdisciplinary venue where practitioners from various fields in industry, academia, and government can exchange knowledge and experience using R for data analysis, statistical modeling, visualization, and programming. As scheduled
Saint Louis ReactJS Meetup Come to learn, discuss and get to know fellow ReactJS developers in the STL area. Fourth Monday
FullStack/STL Meetup FullStack is a network of monthly developer and digital designer-only meetups that cover open source web and mobile app development from front to back. Fourth Thursday