Engaging Our Local and Global Communities

Technical and Thought Leadership

With technical articles, educational webinars, speaking engagements at conferences, and participation in events around the globe, our engineering team helps empower business leaders and technologists to imagine incredible possibilities.

Open Source Advocacy and Sponsorship

We invest over $1.5M annually in open source development, ensuring that all users have equal and unfettered access to technology solutions, and empowering organizations with interoperable and extensible solutions that reduce or eliminate licensing fees, vendor lock-in, and technical siloes.

We sponsor the following open source products, developed and actively maintained by our engineering team.

User Groups and Hackathons

We sponsor and host user groups and hackathons locally and around the globe, encouraging and mentoring technologists to enhance their skills and build a stronger community.

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Sharing Back

Through active volunteer efforts and strategic financial contributions, we support organizations that empower and promote women and other underrepresented groups, champion awareness and funding for health diseases and disorders, and protect and support our planet and wildlife.