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Google Cloud Partnership


As a proud Google partner since 2016, we have supported multiple new client engagements, expertly building innovative cloud solutions for leading companies on top of Google’s foundation.

Through our investment in IP, our Asterisms™ engine integrates tightly with Google’s innovations to deliver speed to market through a tested, proven platform that activates customer data.


What Makes Us Different
Combining our IP with Google Cloud technologies, our Asterisms ™ platform accelerates ML/data-driven application delivery.

Asterisms features proven technologies to deliver tailored, data-rich applications that drive impactful outcomes. Asterisms features best-in-class accelerators to deliver:

  • Applications with ready-to-use data integrations, pipelines, and components
  • Proof of concept demonstrating feasibility prior to mass production
  • Investment protection for future integrations and scalability

Asterisms’ application platform can be tailored to meet specific business needs across a wide range of industries including sustainability, agriculture, transportation, finance, and healthcare, generating high-impact outcomes – in weeks, not months.

We Are Among a Select Group of Companies Worldwide with Google Earth Engine Expertise

Google Earth Engine offers a powerful, cloud-based platform for geospatial data analysis and retrieval, providing access to vast amounts of freely available, public, and multi-temporal remote sensing (RS) imagery. It provides a unique opportunity to monitor and understand global issues such as changes in forestry, water supply, and outbreaks of diseases.

Combining this tremendous technology with our geospatial capabilities enables us to offer our clients the ability to analyze and generate insights according to their needs. Using AI methods and Google Earth Engine, we can extend unprecedented levels of accuracy and speed in RS-based monitoring and analysis, allowing for more effective and reliable decision making.

Google Technology Sweet Spots

  • CICD: cloud build, container registry, source repositories, artifact registry, cloud deploy (GKE)
  • Serverless: Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, App Engine, API Gateway, Endpoints
  • Compute: Compute Engine, GKE
  • Storage & Database: Big Query, SQL(MySQL, PostgreSQL), Cloud (Object) Storage
  • AI/Machine Learning: VertexAI
  • Google Earth Engine Expertise
  • Modern Architecture at Scale

    We build modern cloud solutions for leading companies. To support this, we created and continue to maintain open source solutions such as Micronaut and OpenDDS.

    Data Driven Solutions at Scale

    Asterisms accelerates delivery of data-driven outcomes enabled by our IP investment in AI/ML, cloud, blockchain, and software engineering.

    Blockchain, DLT and Digital Assets

    Named a Gartner Company to Watch for Blockchain Innovation, we’ve created some of the world’s best-known blockchain solutions.

    Competency Areas


    Operations Research

    Geospatial Analytics

    AI/Machine Learning, Deep Learning

    Data Strategy, Architecture, Analytics

    DevOps Automation

    Cloud Migration

    Blockchain/DLT Protocol & dApp Development

    IIoT/Edge ML, RT Embedded

    App Development/ Modernization

    Full Stack Software Engineering

    Opportunity Sweet Spots

    We excel in bringing innovative data science and data application solutions to Google-named accounts and thrive on helping clients reach project completion and outcomes on large Google commits.

    Object Computing - google partnership At A Glace

    Domain Expertise

    Sustainability & SmartAg




    Case Studies

    Smart Technology on the Rails

    We partnered with a Class-1 railroad to build Xtrack, an intelligent workflow in Google Cloud Platform that uses AI technology to perform root cause analyses using machine learning at scale.

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    Improving Agricultural Carbon Intensity Measurement

    Farmers in the industry want a more straightforward way to measure, showcase, and gain insight into current and historical carbon footprint changes at their fields. Object Computing’s team set about improving the precision, usability, and accuracy of the GREET model.

    Learn more


    In commercial and industrial environments, HVAC units must never fail. This IoT solution enables real-time diagnostics, maintenance, and repair.


    AI-Targeted Product Recommendations

    Superior product recommendations delivered through the power of AI: This mobile app diagnoses crop disease and delivers accurate treatment recommendations in real time.

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    Expert engineering from project initiation to deployment and beyond

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