Enterprise Application Development

Accelerate innovation and easily adapt to market changes with modern applications featuring simple, secure, and extensible code designed to evolve at the speed of your business.

Our enterprise application development services are specifically designed to drive efficiency, increase effectiveness, and accelerate innovation. The result: a flexible technology stack that adapts to the never-ending demands of your business. 

Digital Innovation in 2018: What's Holding You Back?

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Download the 2018 Digital Innovation Benchmark Report and learn: 

  • The most common roadblocks to digital innovation and strategies for overcoming those roadblocks
  • The top 3 outcomes that technologists are looking to achieve through investments in digital innovation
  • How modern technology leaders are accelerating digital innovation within their organizations 

Innovate rapidly and accelerate your speed to market by partnering with a leader in enterprise application development. 

Full Lifecycle

Legacy Applications Holding You Back?

Innovate incrementally with microservices. A microservice architecture helps organizations embrace continual innovation. To succeed with a microservice architecture, a comprehensive and practical approach is required.

Let us help you identify your architectural pain points, prioritize your objectives, and develop a microservice transition plan that keeps your architecture working for your business, not against it.

Aerospace & Defense: Software Innovation Success Story

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A major aerospace and defense contractor required extensive upgrades to a large, technically sophisticated fuel simulation system designed to model and predict the performance of aircraft systems under a variety of rugged conditions.

We provided a combination of software engineering services, architectural review, mentoring, and training, as well as ongoing support, to help the company continue its legacy of excellence.


Financial Services:
Building a Highly Performant Mobile Application

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Our most substantive impact was drastically reducing the crash rate of the client's iOS app, which had reached more than 1,000 crashes per day. 

This complicated task required major concurrency fixes and a complete re-architecture of core components. After this initial success, our client continued to engage our engineering team to drive further improvements in usability, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our consultants' focus on business objectives and product quality led to the success of the company's mission-critical applications across many projects.

Software Innovation Begins Here

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