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We use technology to create and accelerate business outcomes. Today's advanced technology allows us to help businesses design and build solutions that unlock transformative value, get to market faster, and do far more with less. 

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Solving the Agriculture Industry's Most Pressing Challenges

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Through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), growers can access increasingly sophisticated data and analytics tools, which enable better decisions, improved efficiencies, and reduced waste in food and biofuel production, all while minimizing negative environmental consequences.

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Reimagine Your Business with Machine Learning

We help clients reimagine a brighter future through the application of breakthrough technologies like machine learning. Discover how artificial intelligence and machine learning are accelerating, expanding, and transforming industries.

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Gain the insight and inspiration you need to drive growth in an increasingly complex business environment with these on-demand webinars.

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When Is Blockchain the Right Solution for Your Business?

There is hardly an administrative process or record-keeping database that can't be transformed through blockchain technology, but that does not make it the ideal solution in every case. Here's how to determine whether blockchain technology is the right solution for your business.

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Table of Experts: The Impact of Transformative Technology

Table of Experts is a series of Q&A articles published by St. Louis Business Journal in which key topics are explored. In this installment, the Business Journal interviewed Object Computing practice leads, Jason Bull, Kevin Stanley, and Joe Epplin about the impact of transformative technology.

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