Leading-Edge Solutions for Forward-Thinking Brands

Value is migrating away from physical products in favor of data-driven services that fundamentally change the way consumers interact with brands. For retailers, adapting to this change is imperative.

Today's leading-edge technologies enable unique customer-engagement opportunities that stand to differentiate your brand and turbo-charge your competitive edge. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, incredible advances in technologies like blockchain, machine learning, and cloud computing allow merchants to streamline operations, optimize supply-chain interactions, and dramatically improve the simplicity and accuracy of payment and accounting processes.

Data-driven customer journeys increase revenue, eliminate manual merchandising, and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction. We can help you accelerate these outcomes by applying the latest advances in today's technology, creating a catalyst for opportunities never before possible.

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Deliver Ultra-Personalized Shopping Experiences

  • Remarkably accurate product recommendations
  • Voice-assisted, predictive, and image-driven search engines
  • Automated chatbot and social media personalities

Serve Consumers with the Ultimate Product Customization

  • Extended customization options and lightning-fast turnaround
  • Perfect-fit bespoke apparel based on body-scan measurements
  • Automated kiosks that manufacture and deliver custom items in real time

Top technology advancements requested by consumers in a recent study include "self-checkout kiosks (38%), virtual reality try-on (23%), and mobile payments (15%)."

SAP Customer Experience Consumer Propensity Study

Provide Unequalled Shopping Convenience

  • Cashierless checkout
  • VR- and AR-augmented product views
  • In-store product comparison apps
  • Autonomous shopping carts

Increase Efficiency and Lower Costs

  • AI- and VR-driven merchandise-display planners
  • Robotic and sensor-based warehouse operations
  • Logistics and supply chain optimization
  • Fraud detection